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Why Your Business Needs to Upgrade to High Density Filing

Friday, January 29th, 2016
high density filing system

Does your filing system need an upgrade? Read on to learn about high density filing.

If you run a business that requires a lot of paperwork, such as a legal or medical practice, you undoubtedly have quite the hefty filing system. You probably have shelves and shelves of files taking up excessive space somewhere in your office building. What if we told you that we could squeeze all of that into a more compact high density filing system? You might reply that your current filing system is working just fine and things are running well enough as is. Well, “just fine” and “well enough” don’t slide with us. Here’s why you need to upgrade. (more…)

How the Right Classroom Furniture Can Benefit Students

Friday, January 22nd, 2016
classroom furniture supplier

The right classroom furniture can provide serious benefits to the learning environment.

Classrooms have come a long way from the one-room schoolhouses of the past. The teaching that goes on within those classrooms has also changed significantly in that time. With more modern approaches comes the awareness of student needs, and how to optimize learning spaces to fit those needs. According to recent data from School Planning & Management, mindfully chosen classroom furniture from a high quality furniture supplier can help create an effective and high-performance classroom environment. Read on to learn how. (more…)

Important Questions to Ask Employees When Considering an Office Redesign

Friday, January 15th, 2016

Your employees will truly appreciate you asking for their input on office redesign ideas.

When it comes to office design or office redesign, you’re bound to be staring quite the task right in the face. There’s so much to do and so much to consider. The decisions you make for your office design can affect dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people, depending on the size of the company for which you’re designing a space. Considering your employees’ job functions and departmental relationships are just a few ways to show them that you prioritize employee care. You can even go a step further to take into account their comfort and enjoyment. Asking these questions before digging your heels into an office redesign can really help create a thriving and engaged workforce. (more…)

Do You Need to Spruce Up Your Reception Area?

Friday, January 8th, 2016
Your reception area goes a long way toward creating a perception of your company.

Your reception area goes a long way toward creating a perception of your company.

Your reception area is, of course, the first impression you give to the world about your business. You need for it to be beautiful and stylish and interesting and send a strong and clear message about your company. (more…)