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Implementing a Digital Detox Zone in Your Office Design

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016
Digital Detox Zone

Having a digital detox zone in your office can help your employees stay focused and collaborate more closely.

The popular open office layout fosters an environment of interconnectivity. Interoffice phones, conference calls, online chats, web browsing, and constant checking of email are facts of life in this kind of environment. Omnipresent Wi-Fi connectivity means time checking screens is maximized. However, recent studies suggest that too much screen time is actually counterproductive and, in fact, dangerous for employees’ emotional and mental health. Unplugging and doing a digital detox in order to pursue more meaningful working relationships are the remedy for this common problem. You can help promote your employees’ good health and productivity by implementing a digital detox zone within your office design. Here’s how. (more…)

The Impact of Lighting on Office Productivity

Thursday, December 15th, 2016
Natural Lighting Office

Bring natural lighting into your office space for happier and more productive employees!

Many office managers know the kind of things that can affect productivity in the workplace such as the kind of furniture that is used or the colors employed in a space. One thing that often gets overlooked, however, is the impact of lighting choices. An employer’s choice of office lighting can have a huge impact on the productivity of their company, and in fact, a study by the American Society of Interior Design found that 68% of employees complain about the lighting in their office. Clearly, by remedying this common problem, you can ensure that your employees are as productive as possible and positively impact your bottom line. (more…)

5 Common Mistakes When Planning an Office Redesign

Thursday, December 8th, 2016
Office Redesign Consultation

Bringing your team in and getting their opinions when planning an office space redesign is a great move.

Redesigning an office space is much more complicated than it appears at first glance. The process is tricky and involves a lot of moving parts. However, if you’re made aware of some of the problems people have faced when planning an office redesign in the past you can learn from them and avoid making those same mistakes. Here are 5 common mistakes people make when planning an office redesign. (more…)