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The Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Office

Friday, February 16th, 2018
Learn more about American Design Associates' Green Initiative.

Learn more about American Design Associates’ Green Initiative.

Going green provides a variety of benefits for your business, but it extends beyond paperless platforms. In order to transform your office into an eco-friendly space, it’s important to assess everything, from recycling habits to office furniture. American Design Associates began our Green Initiative program as an environmentally conscious solution to overproduction and excessive waste in the United States. Learn more about the Green Initiative, and discover the benefits of an eco-friendly office. (more…)

Simple Steps to Create an Eco-Friendly Office

Friday, March 25th, 2016
eco-friendly office

Feel good about your office with these environmental practices!

Spring fever has struck hard here at American Design Associates. The weather is trending in the right direction, and all this desire to be outside has us thinking “green.” With so much attention paid to sustainability and environmental friendliness these days, we wanted to do our part to make sure there are plenty more gorgeous springs ahead of us. Here are some tips for creating a more eco-friendly office space. (more…)

Create an Eco-Friendly Office

Monday, March 23rd, 2015


As more studies are showing that the Earth is getting warmer, many businesses and homes are trying their best to be more eco-friendly. Creating an eco-friendly office is becoming easier as more products are being sold and more services are available to allow an eco-friendly office to occur. While some may thing that creating an eco-friendly office is difficult, there are some simple steps to take to create an office space that is “green” and healthy for the Earth.