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“Everyone knows that a beautiful space is uplifting and promotes a positive feeling.  In some small way, we know that we are making a difference by creating health environments that comfort those waiting for a loved one or supporting  a sick friend.”
Theresa Alcarese, Executive Vice President, American Design Associates, Inc.

Art Classroom

“We turn an ordinary art room into an extraordinary Art Studio for students to express and embrace their artistic talents”
Alison Lehmann, Senior Designer, American Design Associates

Cyber Cafe


Megans Place

American Design Associates proudly worked with the Harford County Health Department on MEGAN’S Place…

“The Harford County Health Department is proud to announce a unique new program called MEGAN’s (Meaningful Environment to Gather And Nurture) Place, which is a safe, non-judgmental place for at-risk pregnant and postpartum women and their families – with a focus on those with substance use disorders – who need assistance with information/guidance, resources/services, and care coordination/support.  The overarching aim is for MEGAN’s Place to be a supportive and restorative environment for improving perinatal health outcomes and building family resiliency skills.  MEGAN’s Place opened in January, 2019.”
Marcy Austin, Deputy Health Officer, Harford County Health Department

Exceeding Expectations

“Exceeding expectations is our goal.  We want to do more than just provide furniture.  We want to create an environment that embraces every person who enters the room.”
Jim Jones, President, American Design Associates