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Restore or Repurpose Your Furniture with American Design Associates

If you have old or outdated office furniture that you feel isn’t serving its full function, why not get it restored or repurposed? That old office furniture can be made into a green, environmentally sound refurbished piece of furniture that will serve you with many more years of usage. Stephen Ulrich at Bay Integrated Marketing had a few good (and green) reasons why you should repurpose or restore your office furniture:

  • It conserve natural resources – Since you’re not buying new furniture, you are saving the raw materials and energy that it takes to produce that furniture. It’s like you’re recycling your furniture and making those old materials new again!
  • You’ll reduce any waste – It is estimated that between 5 to 9 pounds of original materials is used in the manufacture of new product. That’s reduced to only a pound of natural resources when repurposing furniture. In addition to that, the labor that is involved in producing new office furniture is also conserved.
  • It can create a healthier office environment by reducing VOCs – There are a certain level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) used in the production of office furniture. These VOCs are released in the form of gasses that are given off during the first few years of a piece of office furniture’s life. By repurposing furniture, you are greatly reducing the VOC profile of that furniture and creating a healthier environment for you and your employees.
  • Utilize the lifespan of your office furniture – Furniture is built to have a 20-30 year lifespan on average. Getting rid of that furniture wastes the extra use that your company could have benefited from. Just because your office is changing doesn’t mean you have to discard useful furniture that can serve your new purpose or goal.

American Design Associates can help you repurpose or restore you office furniture to a useful condition. If we can restore or repurpose your existing furniture, there is nothing “Greener”. We can also remanufacture andor refinish your existing furniture. You can even consider selling us your current office furnishings. We’re flexible with whatever you decide to do with your current office furniture. The benefits and value is unmatched, let us prove to you what refurbished office furniture can do for your business.

American Design Associates Corporate Boardroom

American Design offers an extensive selection of “pre-owned” furniture, ranging from desks, chairs, files, and bookcases to systems furniture, office accessories and even art work! Used furniture is often ideal for start-up businesses and smaller offices, providing the buyer with quality product for a fraction of the cost of new. You can stretch your budget a very long way with used furniture.

American Design Associates, Inc. is a Contract Furniture Dealer and Design Firm located in Towson, Maryland. We proudly consider ourselves a “Dream Team” comprised of experienced project managers, interior designers, service technicians and an outstanding customer support team. We service clients throughout the Mid‐Atlantic region including Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and beyond. We have the resources and the know how to provide the best solution for all of your business needs. Thank you for visiting our site, we look forward to creating your ideal office.

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Source: 5 Green Benefits of using Repurposed Office Furniture, Bay Integrated Marketing


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