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How Placemaking Enhances Office Design

Placemaking makes a community more valuable and can enhance office design as well.

Placemaking started in the 1960s. The original intent of placemaking was to bring identity and atmosphere to urban communities. It takes into account all aspects of a location such as the aesthetics of a park and the comfort of walking down a wide sidewalk. Other features of placemaking include incorporating sculptures, special lighting, additional seating, and vendors to make the environment more marketable. Placemaking makes a community more valuable and can enhance office design as well. Smart businesses are catching onto this unique idea. Keep reading to learn more about how placemaking improves office design.

How Does Placemaking Enhance Office Design?

A high percentage of employees believe in quality work-life balance. Therefore, you may want to think about the location of your office if you’re a new business owner. Suites are trendy nowadays. What you could do is locate your office building around or within an area that has cafes, retail stores, and dry cleaners. You could even take up the first floor of a high rise building. What this does is create a sense of community for your employees, and they’ll be able to enjoy a nice lunch or take care of some errands during their breaks so they won’t feel hindered by their eight-hour (or longer) work day. Imagine being able to do your favorite activities and not need to leave your building or only cross the street?

Other Modern Office Design Options

  • Open offices-Open layouts differ from being constrained to a cubicle all day. It enhances collaboration, along with promoting face-to-face interactions.
  • Task-oriented Office Spaces-It incorporates some elements of an open office layout and traditional office layout. It gives employees the option of choosing how they would like to work based on who they are as a person and the task that they need to accomplish.
  • Hot Desking- If you find that a lot of desks in your office end up idle due to remote work, sick employees, or vacationing employees, your team could switch their workstations each day, so that each office space is functional and not idle.
  • Co-Working-Co-working involves only renting a physical space for a limited amount of time and an office space company providing your desks and appliances from your hardware to your microwave. An option such as this is excellent for your business if a lot of remote work is involved. Otherwise, your employees may not like the idea of moving around so much.

The Main Takeaway

Employees love cultural office spaces that are unique, trendy, and make them feel at home. If you’re looking for modern office furniture, contact us here at Glover furniture.

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