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What Makes A Chair Truly Ergonomic?

Ergonomic chairs

A truly ergonomic chair has many facets.

Being in a sitting position for long periods of time puts a lot of stress on the structures in the spine. Sitting in an unsupportive chair repeatedly can cause back and other health problems and negatively impact your quality of life.

Choosing the right ergonomic chair for your needs is important to preserving your health, but what makes a chair ergonomic? Look for these features and you will know you have found a quality ergonomic chair.

The Features Of An Ergonomic Chair

Some of the most important parts of an ergonomic chair to consider are the height, armrests, back, and seat.

Height: An ergonomic chair should be tall enough to allow you to sit comfortably. As a general rule, the perfect seat height is roughly one quarter of your total body height.  However, the torso-to-leg ratio can vary widely.

Armrest: Armrests help support your body, and should be both adjustable and easy to maneuver.

Back: The backrest of a true ergonomic chair should support your upper and lower back comfortably. The ideal ergonomic chair backrest is adjustable vertically and in both the backwards and forwards directions.

Seat: The width and depth of a true ergonomic hair are important. Each chair should have enough width and depth to support the user perfectly.

Put Your Needs First

Consider what you will do most in your office chair. Will you be mostly typing, on the phone, or doing industrial work? The same chair does not suit every body type and every work-related activity. Consider your price point, and go to office furniture stores and try out chairs until you find the perfect one to suit your body and needs.

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