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Current Hotel Design Trends

Hotel trends that are sure to be in the next hotel you stay at!

Hotel trends that are sure to be in the next hotel you stay at!

Several factors contribute to a memorable and pleasant hotel experience from the staff to the room itself.  One of the most important elements of a hotel is the design layout which has to be well thought-out and planned.  Hotel design trends are ever changing but should be kept up with to please a majority of guests.  Hotel design elements are vital in providing a relaxing experience for guest, and will make them want to return.

The Lobby is Your Home Away From Home

For years, hotels have adopted making their rooms more comfortable and welcoming like they are personalized just for you.  This trend is now coming down to the lobby with hotels designing these spaces like home living rooms.  There will be more and more couches in the welcoming areas along with more concierge like front desks to allow guests to sit down while they check-in.  These spaces are now designed in mind to be a place where guests can relax and get out of their room.  

Technology Integration

Another way hotels are redesigning their lobbies is by incorporating online/iPad check in systems.  This allows the check-in process to go smoother and can get guests in their rooms faster. “Smart hotels” are technology driven place that have tablets in each of the rooms that control everything from lighting to room services orders.  The Wi-Fi is now integrated into the light fixtures allowing for more stylish designs.  Hotels are adapting technology practices to make their guest’s experiences are relaxing and interesting.

The Outdoors are Now In

Guests will now be able to experience elements of nature when they stay at a hotel.  Wooden finishes and living plants as decorations are common in hotels throughout the world.  Hotels in tropical locations like the Caribbean adopt this design trend because the elements flow well together.  Indoor waterfalls, walled gardens, and multi level terraces are common in these locations.  

Hospitality Furniture from Glover Furniture

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