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Is it time for a splash of color in your office design?

There’s a myriad of colors to chose from on any given day, but for your office, choose wisely because depending on the color you choose, it may affect productivity and morale in the office. Considering all your color options is essential in giving your office the finishing touch.


Blue is a popular office design color choice.


Red is a color that warrants attention and studies have shown that in an office setting, red can significantly boost an employee’s focus and performance. Activities like copy editing or data recollection will, in particular, benefit from red in the workplace.

Yellow and Orange

For a splash of excitement color your office in light yellow or orange. Both colors are great to add to energize an office design, but don’t go overboard as these colors are great for focusing. Additionally, rooms with lots of natural light don’t need yellow or orange to energize the space so only use these eye-catching colors when necessary.


Blue and its many popular shades prove to be a calming element to any office design. It’s calming, yet also promotes productivity and confidence in the office. Even just having an accent of blue, in furniture or in an accent wall, can drastically improve productivity and morale in any office setting.


Green has a similar effect as blue on an office. Using green as an accent color can remind employees of nature and thus have a calming effect on the office. Colors that are reminiscent of the outdoors can be especially beneficial for rooms with lots of natural light as a way to bring the outdoors in. Using other neutral colors like khaki, tan, and cream has the same effect.

Whether it’s purple, orange, green or blue, choosing the right color for your office design is essential for productivity and morale. Need help choose the right color? Call Glover Furniture and Design Group, Inc.

Glover Furniture and Design Group, Inc.

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