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Tips for Designing a Productive Art Classroom

When creating a productive art classroom, you can’t ignore the importance of classroom design.


There are important considerations for art classroom design.

To keep your students engaged, your classroom design and classroom furniture needs to aid your teaching and not hinder it. If your students aren’t comfortable or the classroom doesn’t flow properly, you are going to have a hard time offering a productive art classroom.

Productive Classroom Design

The first step in creating a productive art classroom is to understand exactly what type of activities you and your students will be doing. Do you need a long table for projects that everyone can collaborate on, or does each student need an individualized workspace? How and where are you going to store all the supplies? These are the first couple of questions you need to answer when planning out your classroom design.

Designing a Classroom for Every Student

It’s difficult if the classroom furniture isn’t mobile, but it’s important to figure out a way that every student in your class can see your presentations. From the front to all the way in the back, every student needs to see your lesson plan. If they can’t, that is when students start to become distracted and in turn, start to distract others. Your classroom design should include a way for every student to stay engaged by seeing the lesson plan.

Space for Projects

A final aspect to creating a productive art classroom is having the proper classroom furniture and space to display projects. If a project needs to dry, is there an area where projects can be placed and won’t be interfered with? Even with furniture that isn’t mobile, there are still ways to utilize the right art classroom design to make your lessons more engaging and productive. To summarize, design planning mainly involves focusing on how many students you have, how much space you need and if you have the right classroom furniture to make the space you do have as effective as possible. If you need help picking out the right furniture for your art classroom, Glove Furniture would love to help!

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