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The Benefits of a Filing System

While many offices are beginning to make the change to paperless, there are certain risks that go into solely relying on technology. While the advancements in technology have certainly helped the business world, many of those working in offices are unsure about the big change to only having electronic files. However, even the skeptics are left to wonder if any benefits can still come from having a filing system that is paper. Here are some of the benefits of still implementing a paper filing system.Filing-System

  1. Simplicity- A paper filing system helps finding specific files easy and simple for everyone. A simple system means that less time can be spent teaching new hires the filing system and more time can be dedicated to other areas of the job. Some ways files can be filed alphabetic, chronological, or categorical.
  2. Security- Files kept electronically are left vulnerable to possible hacks and other electronic threats. A paper filing system can only accessed through a filing cabinet, which can be protected with a lock. Electronic files can also be deleted or duplicated more easily than paper files, which can be a serious breach of security.
  3. Time-If you files are kept electronically; you also run the risk of dealing with a power outage or other problem with your computer. When this occurs, you are left waiting for the problem to be resolved, which could take hours. This down time means files are left inaccessible and productivity takes a hit because work cannot be completed.
  4. Efficiency- A paper filing system can be extremely efficient for your office when implemented correctly. Some individuals take longer on a computer, which can harm efficiency and productivity within the office.


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