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3 Tips To Have A Well Organized Office

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Follow these tips to organize your office space and increase productivity.

When you get to work at the beginning of the day, you hope to be as productive as possible and complete all of your assigned tasks.  Although, sometimes your day can be brought a to a halt because your office space is unorganized.  Having a well-organized office and desk is critical to being a productive employee, and just makes life easier.  There a few simple tips you can follow to organize your office and be more productive during the workday.  

Clear and Purge

Whether you are in a cubicle or have a whole office to yourself, you should look around your space and get rid of every item that is not useful to you.  This does not mean putting it in a desk drawer or in a storage bin; you need to  get it out of your space by recycling it or giving it away.  Don’t forget about any furniture pieces, plants, and smaller items.  Clearing your office of unwanted items is the first step to having an organized workstation.  

Create Sections

It is essential that you have designated areas for specific items and activities around your office.  You should have a main workstation which is usually a desk, a reference area that includes files, and an area for supplies such as shelves.  Make sure to place the correct items in their designated areas continuously and your remember where you put each item.  Occasionally clean each area of your office to avoid dust and dirt over important items.

Focus On Your Desk

Many people complete most of their daily activities at a desk, so it is critical to have a clean and well-organized desk.  Clear anything that isn’t essential to you which includes little knick-knacks and files that you have converted to your computer.  Make sure that all essential items are in arms reach so you can be as efficient as possible while at work.  You shouldn’t have to go searching for a specific item.

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