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Eating At Your Desk: Should You Do It?

 eating at your desk

Now then, why might you be eating at your desk so often?

Lunch time is here again, and being at your desk since the early morning, you might like a quick stretch and get away from it all for a minute. If you brought lunch with you to work that day, that’s great. If you’re looking to try something new from a shop across the street, that’s great too. In this blog, we’ll answer that burning question: should you be eating at your desk?

These Are the Main Reasons You’re Eating At Your Desk

If you make it a habit of eating at your desk, be sure to try to exercise, too. Eating a lot and not moving enough will make things worse for your health. Now then, why might you be eating at your desk so often?

You Feel You Need It: This is where you should take stock of your position in your company: if you take a small break, will everything really fall apart? Don’t think you’re in danger of being replaced, or that it’ll be perceived as slacking off if you get away from your desk. To keep your cool, sometimes you just need to walk away. You should know the company wanted you – time and money are valuable resources to be poured into training.

You Can Still be Productive: Another rationale for eating at your desk is that it can still be time spent productively. While that is true, just because you take some time to go out to eat doesn’t mean you’re off task. Focus on one thing at a time and refresh your state of mind. After all, multitasking isn’t really as easy as it sounds.

You’re Trying to Keep Your Workflow: Workflow is important, there’s little disputing that. But beware burnout: if all you can think of is the momentum you might be losing, calm down. Exhaustion and burnout are increasingly likely if you don’t take some small breaks. And if you’re burned out, you won’t be any good at your job. Maybe taking a quick break can give you fresh eyes on whatever you’re working on. Keep yourself healthy and inspired so you can do the best job possible!

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