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How To Organize Your Office Desk

Learn to organize your office desk so you are more productive at work.

Learn to organize your office desk so you are more productive at work.

It is common for everyone to have an office desk that is a little cluttered, but when clutter starts to affect your productivity at work in a negative manner, it is time for a change.  A well-organized and clear workstation can make you more productive at work and elevate your mood.  Organizing your office desk just requires a little time and patience.  Luckily, there are only a few simple steps to follow to organize your desk so you can be as productive as possible at work.  

Clear and Clean

When starting to organize your desk, the best thing to do it clear everything off your desk so you have a blank space to work with.  Once every item is off your desk, and in a separate area, you can decide what is essential to your workday.  You can then throw away or give away items that are not useful to you.  Once you decide which items you are going to keep, you should clean and wipe down your desk.  A clean workstation will give you a clear headspace and is a great way to start organizing your desk.

Arrange Your Desk Wisely

Once you have disposed of all of the clutter on your desk and cleaned it thoroughly, you can now arrange items to improve productivity.  You should arrange your desk so that it makes sense and aligns with your daily tasks.  If you primarily use your computer throughout the day, then you should make that the focal point of your desk.  You should arrange items around your computer and make sure they are in arms reach.  Try to make your desk clear of any paper documents so you can reduce clutter as much as possible.  

Storage Is Key

It is critical that you take advantage of all of the storage spaces at your desk and use them wisely.  Make sure to store all items that you do not use daily into a drawer.  You don’t want unessential items to start to pile up and clutter your workstation.  So you should store all office supplies and other small items into drawers.  

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