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How Plants Can Help Your Office


Putting potted plants can help your office in many ways. While an office might not seem like the best place for a plant, there are actually many varieties of plants that do well indoors. Here are a few great reasons to have a plant at your desk.


Improve Indoor Air Quality

Offices are filled with volatile organic compounds, or VOC’s from short. Everything from furniture, paint, drywall, copy machine toner, to cleaning supplies contain VOC’s and all are found in abundance in an office setting. Plants have been shown to remove VOC’s from the air, making them great for improving air quality and overall health in the office.

Stress Reduction

Studies have also shown that plants can reduce stress in the office, which is great news for those with high-stress occupations. Not only do they reduce stress, plants can also help you recover from sickness faster, according to a study that demonstrated a connection between proximity to plants and ability to recover from sickness. So if you’re toughing it out at the office with a cold, consider getting a plant to help you recover quicker.

Productivity Boost

If you’re pace is dragging at the office a plant is a great way to give you a little boost. Another study showed that participants who worked on tasks in a room with plants were 12% more productive than those who worked on the same tasks in the same room with no plants. The former participants also reported feeling more attentive than the latter.

Better Humidity

The ideal range of humidity for human comfort is between 30 and 60 percent humidity, but many offices fall outside of this range, especially in the summer and winter. Aside from being uncomfortable, low humidity can result in fatigue and respiratory discomfort. Adding plants to a room can increase its humidity and put the room in a comfortable range.



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