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How to Improve Office Air Quality

If you work within an office building, you know your space can become a little stuffy at times. If your building lacks plenty of windows, the air in which you work can become stale and at times seem unclean. While filters within your HVAC system can help improve the office air quality, there are other steps that can be taken to help improve the air as

  1. Use a filtered vacuum cleaner to suck up dirt and dust throughout your office. Instead of using harsh chemicals to remove dust, a vacuum cleaner will help eliminate the dirt and dust without the placing chemicals into the air.
  2. Using a mop with water can help pick up any allergens and dirt left behind from the mop. Mops created with microfibers are known to pick up dirt and dust that older mops and cleaners happen to miss. Moping after sweeping or vacuuming can help improve your office air quality.
  3. Use mats and rugs to trap dirt from those entering your office space. High traffic areas could also use a rug or mat. You will not only trap possible allergens, but also help protect the floor underneath from the constant activity.
  4. Consider a dehumidifier for your office space if you notice moisture in the air. Moisture can help harbor mites and mold, which can cause breathing problems in some.
  5. Never allow anyone to smoke indoors. Not only is this illegal and a fire hazard, it will also release a number of harmful chemicals into the air.
  6. When using cleaning products throughout the office, turn on fans and open any windows to allow air to circulate and help improve your office air quality.


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