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3 Alternatives to the Traditional Conference Room

3 Alternatives to the Traditional Conference Room

Many office layouts are straying from what most of us picture as the traditional cubicle, desk, and office formats.

Many office layouts are straying from what most of us picture as the traditional cubicle, desk, and office formats. They have adopted open floor plans that feature sofas, shared round tables, and even the option to work outside. The conference room, which usually serves as a hub for meetings and general collaboration has also seen a facelift. Here are some alternatives to the traditional long table surrounded by chairs that you might see at your office in the near future.

Gather and Stand

Giving employees that primarily work at desks the opportunity to stand will not only be good for their physical bodies, but it may also stimulate thought. They’ll feature higher tables for employees to take notes while they stand and gather in an open area of the office. This nontraditional conference room set up usually works best for shorter meetings or when all attendees are invited to participate in collaborative discussion.

Wall to Wall

Bring the classroom to the conference room with a chalkboard or dry erase board. Whether team members will be seated or standing in this space, a chalkboard or dry erase board makes it easier to share ideas, erase old ones, and start fresh. They are also much easier to edit on the fly than PowerPoint presentations and make it much more efficient for the leader of the meeting to add ideas from the room as they are suggested.

Getting Some Air

Getting out of the office and getting some fresh air may be just the motivation employees need to cultivate innovative ideas. Turning an outdoor space into an occasional conference room may also combat that tired, sleepy feeling employees sometimes feel in the early afternoon.

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