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Creative Office Designs from Around the World

The big movers and shakers like Google and Facebook have eschewed the ideas of traditional office design in favor of a more unique design style tailored to their specific tastes. Check out some of these innovative and non-traditional office designs from big companies around the world.

creative office design

Google’s office in Zurich, Switzerland features takes on different settings in its building, from a ski lift to a tropical themed space with geometric work spaces, and even a low light aquarium space with reclining chairs for relaxation.

Facebook’s Palo Alto, California headquarters exudes a cool, hip vibe with an open design and exposed ceiling. There’s plenty of room to move around, and employees can also look for inspiration by getting their groove on with a DJ console.

Animated movie maker Pixar features low lighting and a mellow yet creative design. Office spaces are built into miniature cabins and other recessed areas that also feature low lighting and interactive work spaces.

General Motors in Detroit takes a retro modern approach to its office. The design is pure 60’s, but somehow has a modern feel to it as well. It’s reminiscent of the famous TV show The Jetson’s in that it looks like an office designed in the 1960’s with the intent to demonstrate what the office of the future would look like. Red Bull’s London office takes a similar approach but with less of a retro vibe.


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