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How to Turn Your Desk Into a Place of Zen

turn your desk into a place of zen

Your desk should be your sanctuary where you can go to get things done peacefully.

Ever feel like you work in a tornado? Things constantly flying around, information whizzing by faster than you can catch it? You look for a memo or a number you wrote down and can’t find it in the sea of debris floating around on your desk. If this sounds familiar, you need to make some changes. Take a deep breath, clear your mind, and read these tips on how to turn your desk into a place of zen.


Having a messy, unorganized desk covered in anything from leftover snacks to random papers will destroy your productivity. All non-essential items need to go. Cutting down on the number of things on your desk will reduce distractions and help you maintain focus.


Once all of the things that don’t need to be there are off of your desk, you need to organize what’s left. Keep similar items in the same location, and utilize organizational aids like drawer organizers to keep everything in its place and easily accessible.


Have a favorite mug? Bring it to work! A photograph that means so much to you that looking at it instantly brightens up your day? This is exactly what you need at your desk not just for those long days when everything goes wrong, but for the regular days when everything’s fine, too.


Your desk is your workshop. You need the tools you know will help you get the job done, so don’t be shy about keeping what you need on your desk. Enough coffee to fuel a season-long binge of the great new show everyone keeps talking about? Your favorite destresser? Whatever you know will help you make the most of each and every day is what you need within arm’s reach, and nothing more.

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