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Important Questions to Ask Employees When Considering an Office Redesign


Your employees will truly appreciate you asking for their input on office redesign ideas.

When it comes to office design or office redesign, you’re bound to be staring quite the task right in the face. There’s so much to do and so much to consider. The decisions you make for your office design can affect dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people, depending on the size of the company for which you’re designing a space. Considering your employees’ job functions and departmental relationships are just a few ways to show them that you prioritize employee care. You can even go a step further to take into account their comfort and enjoyment. Asking these questions before digging your heels into an office redesign can really help create a thriving and engaged workforce.

Where Do You Spend Most of Your Time Working?

This isn’t the same as “Where do you spend most of your time at work,” because an office building full of water coolers and break rooms might not be the most productive one on the block. However, for example, if your employees spend a huge majority of their days at their desks, then it makes sense to focus your project around optimizing desk areas.

Do You Prefer Collaboration or Independence?

Knowing whether your employees prefer to bounce ideas off one another or hunker down over their keyboard and crank out their work solo can be a huge factor in planning your office redesign. If your employees are often handling solo tasks, an office design featuring privacy will be a huge plus, whereas a team-oriented group will need an open space to think and speak freely.

Do You Need Alone and Quiet or Lively and Energetic?

When tackling a full office redesign, you have the opportunity to specifically choose your work space’s atmosphere. Every one of  your employees is built differently and functions best in different work environments. By taking the time to ask them what they need, you have the chance to optimize their comfort, happiness, and efficiency.

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