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Improve Visitor Experience with Interior Design

Whether you are talking about one in a hospital, an office building, an apartment complex, or a hotel lobby, the waiting room is no longer an interior design afterthought. More and more, people are judging companies and facilities not only by the services that they provide, but also by the overall experience that the visitors go through. For this reason, furniture and interior design experts have been thinking up new ways to approach the waiting room and tailor it to a visitor’s specific needs. American Design Associates has the details.

Remember, your waiting room might be the very first thing a visitor sees in your building, so it is important that it makes a good first impression. Are you trying to stress your company’s forward-thinking take on the business world? Then a waiting room with modern furniture and sleek design lines will likely reflect that theme. Are you working in a hospital and trying to keep patients’ families feeling relaxed and comfortable? Incorporate comfort with cushioned seating and couches, warm lighting from lamps, and homey touches, such as plant arrangements on the table tops.

Not only should a waiting room be inviting, it should also serve other purposes for your visitors. Think of how long a waiting room stay can be, depending on the circumstances. People who have been called away from work will appreciate easy access to technology and to stations where they can use their smart phones, tablets, and laptops to make up for time away from the office. Dividing up a waiting area into a “work space” and a “rest space” is currently a popular design trend; this way, visitors can use their time in the waiting room as they see fit and not have to feel they are forced into a single, solitary option.

Want advice on how to improve visitor experience with innovative interior design choices? Consult with the experts at American Design Associates today and figure out the plan that’s right for you.

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