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Movable or Demountable Walls?

movable or demountable walls

Movable and demountable walls each have their pros and cons, but both are great choices for customizing your space.

Office aren’t always as static as we seem to think. Office configurations need to be able to change with need and accommodate a large range of demands. Instead of traditional walls made from drywall, many companies opt for movable or demountable walls. These systems let companies coordinate their own floor plan and rearrange it if needed. Plus, they do it in a more cost-effective way than traditional construction. There are a few difference between the two, though, but movable or demountable walls may be the best choice for your office.


Moveable wall systems come premade from a manufacturer, so they go up quickly. Since they aren’t actually built into the building, they can be taken down and reconfigured. They are anchored into the building via ceiling and floor mount and connected along the seams.


This type of wall system comes in pieces and needs to be assembled on site. A big advantage to going with a demountable wall system is the wide variety of styles available. They also offer a better price point than traditional walls, while allowing for a more custom construction. Most importantly, demountable wall systems can be taken from one office to another, so relocation is not an issue. Relocating demountable walls is easier than movable walls since they can be broken back down into parts and easily shipped.

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