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Office Design Trends to Watch for in 2015

As hard as it may be to believe it, 2014 is rapidly coming to an end! With the end of the year comes an end to some of the top design trends that dominated the business world, so it’s time to wave goodbye to the bright colors, graphic patterns, and funky furniture that we’ve been seeing for so long. Instead, say hello to the new styles we will be seeing as the new office design trends of 2015 take off come January! Read on to find out what they will be.

2015 Trends2015 Office Design Trends: How Should You Design Your Office Space?

There are three major trends that are emerging as the most popular choices for office design in the upcoming year. First and foremost is the concept of a “natural” office; this trend encompasses eco-friendly materials and fabrics for furniture, the incorporation of wood and water features, and a color palette of subdued, nature-inspired hues of greens and browns. A bonus of this trend? Combining the natural world with the corporate one can make for a more soothing environment for workers.

In keeping with the nature trend’s “getting back to basics” feel, minimalism will also be a trend we see come 2015. A simplified office space not only looks sleek and appealing to clients, but it also creates a lower-stress atmosphere for employees when they do not have to confront clutter on a daily basis. The minimalist trend is due, in part, to the increasing prevalence of items such as tablets which rely on wireless connections and therefore do not take up much room.

The final trend of the year is one that many business owners will no doubt get behind: productivity. While as a design aesthetic “productivity” might not seem like it means much, it translates into closed-off work stations and noise-cancelling features that keep employees distraction-free and on-task.

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Office Interior Trends for 2015

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