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The Sound of (Near) Silence: Soundproofing Your Office

soundproofing your office

Soundproofing particularly noisy areas, like the conference room, will help cut down sound travel in your office.

Focus. It’s one thing that every single employee needs throughout the day to help keep them on task and productive. Distractions abound, though. Phone calls, the clacking of keyboards, energetic and noisy meetings; all these things threaten to knock employees out of their zone. Important phone conversations need to be had without noise coming through the walls. If this sounds like your office, maybe you should consider soundproofing your office.

Wall to Wall

Soundproof wall panels will go a long way to making your office quieter and less distracting. Wall panels can either be installed on the outside of your walls, or be incorporated as part of the wall. Most business don’t have a say over how the walls in their office are constructed, so soundproof wall panels are usually their only option. When strategically placed, wall panels can help significantly reduce the amount of noise entering your office through the walls without the need to totally cover your office like a recording studio. Unless you work in a recording studio, of course.

They’re in the Ceiling

All that noise is coming through the wall and right into your office, right? Probably not, actually. The more likely area sound is coming through is the ceiling, since thin drop ceilings are so popular in office buildings. The interior walls stop at the drop ceiling, so no matter how soundproof your walls are the noise can still get up and over after bouncing around up there. A soundproofing material can be cut from a sheet and placed on the back of each tile to quickly and easily soundproof drop ceilings.

Mind the Gaps

The gaps around your door are another area prone to leaking sound. This problem is easy enough to fix thanks to door seals. A door seal is attached to your door frame and create a better, well, seal between the door and the frame. This not only keeps sound in, but will help you control the temperature in your office better since there is less air escaping or entering.

Sound Masking Consultation and Specification from American Design Associates

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