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3 Conference Room Design Tips

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Learn how to design a productive conference room.

If you work in an office where you are in meetings several times throughout the week, then you need a well-designed conference room.  Whether you meet with clients or just your employees, the room design should meet everyone’s need.  Your conference room should be a space where everyone can share their ideas freely and be productive.  Luckily, there are a few simple tips to design your office’s conference room.

Focus On An Open Space

When it comes to designing the conference for your office, make sure that it is open enough to allow for collaboration.  You want to choose furniture that people can navigate around easily such as a round table and chairs with wheels.  A round table is perfect for brainstorming and doesn’t put anyone in charge.  You want people to express their ideas freely, so focus on furniture that can assist in that.

Lighting is Critical

It is important to select lighting that allows for maximum productivity during any meetings in your conference.  Make sure that you let as much natural light in as possible without having it form a glare.  Natural lighting is proven to enhance productivity and heighten the energy and mood of employees.  Avoid overhead lighting if at all possible.  Fluorescent overhead lighting makes for an inefficient work environment.

Invest in Quality Equipment

It is important that you invest in high-quality equipment, such as whiteboards and computers, that will last for many years to come.  You want to choose equipment that will enhance the look and feel of your conference room.  The equipment you choose will make your office look professional and sophisticated.  Make sure to have an area where people can eat and drink because a conference room isn’t complete without a coffee maker.  You want people to fuel themselves with energy and relax.

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