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3 Current Office Design Trends You Should Be Following

Office Design with Feng Shui

Discover a few current office design trends.

As a company, you need to constantly evolve how you and your employees operate so that you can continue to be successful.  A major factor that contributes to the success and productivity of a company is the design of the office space.  You want to design your workplace so that you are meeting the needs of your employees and your clients.  If you are in the midst of renovating your office, you should follow these few current office design trends.

Green It Up

A major trend within office design is adding natural elements into the workplace.  So, expect to see more bamboo and wood in your office as well as plants and foliage.  Nature within the workplace has proven to be a positive force when it comes to the energy and mood of people.  So, when you are designing your office, you should look into renewable resources to power the space as well as a green way to source the internet.

An Accessible Environment

Every year, you should be striving to create a more inclusive environment for your employees so that they can feel wanted and comfortable.  You want to design your office so that anyone with a mobile disability can access and navigate around the space easily. You want to install desks that can be shifted to accommodate wheelchairs.  Make sure that any employees or clients that use wheelchairs can access your office easily.

Make It Feel Like Home

No one wants to work in an office consumed by cubicles and gray walls.  When designing your office, you want people to feel comfortable and like they are at home.  So, you should focus on installing a variety of textures into your workplace. Make sure to install fur-like items as well fabric items hanging on the walls.  An increase in textures in the office increases the senses, making it feel like home for your employees.

Office Furniture from Glover Furniture Group

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