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3 Office Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

Discover the office design trends you will see in 2018.

Discover the office design trends you will see in 2018.

When it comes to designing a modern office, you have to take into consideration the productivity and efficiency of your coworkers.  A well-designed office is essential in cultivating a positive work environment throughout the year.  Every year there are innovations in office design that strive to improve how employees work and feel in the office.  If you are looking to renovate your office design layout, you should be aware of a few office design trends for 2018.  

Making The Office Greener

The last couple of years in office design has seen a shift to making the workplace more “green” and energy efficient such as implementing natural wood in the office.  In 2018, we will see an increase in environmental friendliness around workplace in America.  Companies will start to make every part of their offices green with powering their spaces with renewable energy and introducing air purification systems.  You will start seeing companies dedicated to having their employees make better choices regarding the environment.  

Unconventional Workspaces

When it comes to office layouts, work areas are shifting from isolated offices or cubicles and going towards open, collaborative spaces.  Unconventional office layouts are catering to the millennial generation who thrive office of collaboration and social interaction.  In 2018, you will start to see more open space designs with nontraditional office furniture pieces such as sofas and bean bag chairs.  Businesses are dedicated to making their employees comfortable and relaxed at all time.  

Inclusion and Accessibility

Companies are continuously trying to improve making their office inclusive for individuals with disabilities.  In 2018, you will see improvements in wheelchair accessibility in offices with businesses wanting to make it a safe space for everyone.  Office furniture is evolving with innovations in adjustable chairs and desks catering to those with mobility issues.  There will also be an implementation of more assistive devices in the office.

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