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4 Advantages of Modular Office Walls

Modular office walls may seem exotic, but all they are is that they are moveable. Drywall, though long a dependable constru

4 advantages of modular office walls

What are the advantages of modular office walls?

ction material for offices and other business properties, is a static form of wall. Typically walls aren’t supposed to move. But consider the advantages of having modular office walls in your school or place of business. In this blog we will discuss the four advantages of modular office walls.

Advantages of Modular Office Walls



  • Flexibility: The first advantage modular office walls have to offer is how flexible they are. Move them anywhere inside the space. Being able to alter the office space over time allows new employees to find an easier way to get around. Also, it’s a lot less of a hassle than tearing down old drywall and then replacing them with new wall panels. Not so with modular office walls, which can be taken down, moved, and then set back up again.
  • Upgrades: Old worn out modular office walls are simple to replace, as well. Just remove the old walls and put newer, better ones in their place. However, if you wanted to upgrade drywall, you would have to tear it down first before doing anything else. You would then have to get rid of the old drywall. Better to just install modular walls and get on with your daily business.
  • Aesthetics: While solid and dependable, drywall is rather boring. Like the name implies, it’s dry. Modular office walls come in numerous colors and styles, not to mention finishes. They can definitely add some flair and pizzazz to your your space, a big plus when it comes to positive changes. A more interesting environment can help keep everyone happy.   
  • Integration: Additional infrastructure elements, such as cabling, electrical, and ducts for HVAC can be wired into the modular office walls, and hidden to keep them out of sight, which no doubt serves to help the aesthetic. This integration is impossible with drywall, where all these elements must be kept out in the open and can’t be hidden.


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