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4 Design Ideas to Increase Office Productivity


Office design plays a huge role in office productivity. You may have not realized it, but there are simple and cost-effective design ideas that can really improve the morale and performance of your employees. You don’t have to shell out millions of dollars to create a more productive and efficient workspace.


Your office design can have a big impact on productivity.

4 Design Ideas to Increase Office Productivity

1. Increase Office Productivity Through Collaboration

There’s a reason Steve Jobs was willing to spare no expense when it came to office design; he believed it led to chance encounters. Serendipitous meetings could occur at anytime with open layouts, and you’ll never know what future products could result from these meetings. Office productivity occurs when collaboration is encouraged. Design ideas could include creating new conference rooms, creating a larger break room, tearing down cubicles and making a more open flow for everyone to interact around the office.

2. Increase Office Productivity Away from the Desk

One office design concept that is often forgotten is increasing the amount of electrical outlets around the office. For companies trying to attract younger workers, a millennial worker does not like to sit at their desk all day. They want the freedom to move around, so having easy access to electrical plugs is a necessity. We aren’t just talk about adding one plug, however, as you need to accommodate additional outlets for cell phones, tables and laptops. Also, the WiFi signal should be strong throughout the whole building to increase office productivity.

3. Increase Office Productivity Through Comfort

Your employees will spend a lot of time at their desks, so make sure that they are comfortable! Increasing productivity could be as easy as providing soft chairs that offer a ton of support. If the chair is flimsy and uncomfortable, all your employee will think about all day is how uncomfortable their chair is. Don’t forget about comfort when you are considering your office design ideas.

4. The Right Wall Colors Increase Office Productivity

You may think that the wall colors in your building don’t have an impact on your workers, but research has shown that certain colors can increase productivity. For instance, colors like green and blue are connected to tranquility and improved concentration. Colors like red create an intense and energized atmosphere. That could be helpful for a stock trading firm, but you probably don’t want red walls in a bakery. A few office design changes could greatly increase the productivity of your whole company!

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