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4 Design Tips to Make Your Office Lobby Stand Out

Your office lobby has to seem inviting while also helping to establish a professional environment. Designing an office lobby isn’t easy. It takes a good amount of planning to get exactly what you want, but Glover Furniture has four design tips to help get you started.


Creating a memorable office lobby will impress your clients!

4 Design Tips to Make Your Office Lobby Stand Out

Office Lobby Design Tip 1: Display Art


Art helps create a calm atmosphere will also offering an air of sophistication to your office lobby. It’s important to find a connection with a client or customer as soon as they enter your office lobby, and art helps to provide a warm introduction to you and your business. In fact, the having the right art displayed is a great way to start a conversation


Office Lobby Design Tip 2: Showcase Bold Plants


Adding exotic or uncommon plants are a great way to make your office lobby stand out from the crows. You obviously don’t want anything too over the top or exotic, but clients and customers will appreciate the uniqueness of your office lobby. Again, having bold plants is another way to get clients and customers to open up and start a conversation.


Office Lobby Design Tip 3: Offer Water and Tea


When designing a lobby layout, many business owners will forget to include a space for clients and customers to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Whether you have a designated area where someone can make their own coffee or tea or you have a representative from your company make it, a basic design tip for an office lobby is to include a way for guests to enjoy beverages.


Office Lobby Design Tip 4: Display Industry and Company Literature Professionally


You don’t want to have your company and industry literature just sitting on a table like the magazine collection at a barbershop. If you want to make sure that you clients and customers think your business is important, display your literature on handcrafted and custom shelves. Make sure that people can easily access the literature, but you want to have it displayed in a professional manner. When it comes to office lobby design, a few small adjustments can make all the difference in the world!




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