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Expert Office Design Tips


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Incorporating glass walls and large windows into your office design can improve lighting.

The right office design can be key to creating a highly productive and efficient space. Good office design solves general problems like office flow, lighting, etc. Great office design goes a step further to predict the needs of employees and clients. Here are some tips from the office design experts at Glover Furniture and Design for creating a highly effective workplace that invigorates employees.

Maximize Light and Space

Many employees spend most of their time indoors behind a computer screen. If the workstation where an employee spends most of their time has a lack of natural light, then the employee is likely to feel a negative impact on their mood and productivity. Increased natural light in the workplace makes it easier to see when performing tasks and can prevent eye fatigue and headaches.

To create an office space with more natural light, take down interior walls and replace them with glass walls wherever possible. If you have small windows, consider replacing them with larger ones. As you begin to minimize objects in the office that block light, you’ll begin to notice that you have more available space. It’s good to create more open spaces for employees to feel comfortable in, however, keep in mind that there is a fine line between having enough space and having too much space. You want enough space that employees don’t feel cramped but not so much space that you can’t achieve a “buzz” in the office. An office planner can work with you to create the perfect balance.

Invest in Furniture

It may be tempting to save money by buying used furniture, but in the long run you’re really not saving anything. Spending more money on quality office furniture now can prevent health conditions that occur from old furniture. For example, a used chair that it not ergonomic can give an employee carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, and neck pain. Due to these health issues, you may have decreased productivity, higher absenteeism, and even higher workers compensation claims. You can create a happier, safer, and more productive work environment by investing in good office furniture.

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