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How to Design a Conference Room

conference tables

Learn how to design a productive conference room.

The office conference room has been the setting of important decisions, meetings, and informative presentations for many companies. It’s a room where many people assemble and for that reason, it needs to be designed in a way that allows everyone to hear and see each other. Here are some important factors to remember when designing the perfect conference room.  

The Needs of Your Clients

Not just conference rooms, but your overall office design should incorporate ways that allow you to accommodate the needs of your clients. In addition to comfort, it should include all the accessories that they’ll need to conduct business in your office. Include enough space for them to bring in their laptops, notebooks, and briefcases. A great tip is also to have enough office accessories on hand in case they forget anything in their home office.

Table Configuration

What’s going to take up the most space in your conference room and essentially act as the focal point in the space is the conference table. Consider the amount of space you have to work with in the room and the size table that will both fit well in the space and accommodate a good number of people for your meetings. You can choose from a U-style table that allows everyone the ability to face each other and engage in discussion, or classroom-style seating that puts everyone’s focus on the front of the room.

Ample Lighting

Eyestrain and headaches in the office are both caused by inefficient lighting. Professionals are more comfortable and are able to concentrate on their tasks when they have ample lighting. IN the conference room, make sure that there are no dark spots. If you have windows that allow natural light, take advantage of that. You should also include blinds or shades to eliminate glare, when necessary. Minimize overhead lighting and instead, opt for LED lighting options that don’t emit too much heat and are energy efficient. Also consider painting the room a color that helps circulate light throughout the room.  

Technology Integration

Many businesses use screens that allow them to project presentations, computer screens, and other videos up for everyone to see. You’ll probably also host video conferencing and other forms of communication in this room. Make sure that it includes the appropriate types of technology that help facilitate your ability to conduct business.

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