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How To Design A Productive Office Space


Learn how to design a productive office space.

Is your office design limiting the productivity and happiness of your employees? Even when the work is engaging, and the benefits are competitive, a lacking office space could be keeping your employees from doing their best. Creating an environment that allows for success is essential to bringing the best out of everyone. At Glover Furniture and Design Co. we’ve learned quite a few tips and tricks for creating a great environment, today we’ll share our top four.  


The lighting in your office may have more of an effect than you’d expect. Not only can your lighting help your employees focus better and reduce eye strain, but the right lighting can help keep them more alert. Natural light, if you can get it, is always best providing it doesn’t cause excessive heat or glare. If you have windows, try adding a light tint to keep the light in a while reducing glare and UV rays. If you don’t have access to windows, make sure to provide ample lighting with white and natural toned bulbs. These cause less eye strain and help prevent fatigue better than yellow-toned lighting.


Keeping things clean and tidy is essential. If your office kitchen and bathrooms are disgusting and the floors aren’t kept clean your employees are unlikely to feel comfortable. Not only does this create health hazards, but its unappealing to potential clients as well. Along with frequent cleaning, keeping the clutter away is also essential. Ensure that your staff is armed with plenty of storage, shelving, and desk organizers so that they can keep all of their equipment tidy.

Bring In The Outdoors

Adding plants and natural elements to the office space not only makes the area feel calmer, but it can help with air quality as well. Indoor air pollution is a huge problem, its considered to be one of the top pollution hazards, and it can have very severe impacts on your employee’s health. All plants help clear the air, but some do it better than others; peace lilies are beautiful and are great for removing air pollution.

Have The Right Furniture

Ensuring that your employees have the right furniture is the most critical step to a productive and healthy office. While the rest of the tips are essential, upgrading your office furniture should always be your first step. Desks that are the correct height and are large enough for easy use and ergonomic seating should be your priority. Not only do these items make working more comfortable, but they alleviate a lot of different health risks as well.

Office Furniture from Glover Furniture Group

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