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Tips for Designing a Training Room

Did you know that your skill set alone isn’t all that’s needed for a newcomer to be productive? The room in which you hold your training matters as well.

As a trainer, your job is to prepare newcomers for job success. You are an expert at what you do. ¬†You’re confident with top-notch communication skills. You also make people feel engaged. But did you know that your skillset alone isn’t all that’s needed for a newcomer to be productive? The room in which you hold your training matters as well. You may have expertise in training but maybe not room design. Keep reading to learn some top tips about training room design.

What is Your Communication Style?

Will you be standing in front of your trainees the entire time as you present? Classroom-style seating will be the best choice. Do you encourage teamwork? Learning pods are a modern way to promote group activities. If you and your trainees will be heavily engaged in conversation, the table in your room should be U-Shaped.

Test Run Your Technology

Nothing disrupts a lesson more than a slow computer or projector that refuses to come on. You may choose to train traditionally. However, most training incorporates videos and PowerPoint presentations. You want to make sure that your computer is up-to-date. Slow-running internet can also prolong or delay a lesson. Make sure to test run your technology so that trainees can get the most out of the training.

Make Sure Your Trainees Are Comfortable

Ergonomic chairs provide comfort for any office, classroom, conference, or training setting. Why? Ergonomic chairs are comfortable and adjustable.

You should also make sure that your training room isn’t too hot nor cold. Often when trainees aren’t comfortable, their minds wander. They could lose focus. A room temperature that is neutral is optimal.

Use Natural Lighting

Make sure that your trainees can see you. Any training room should have natural light as well as overhead lights. Dim lighting is highly discouraged. Crack the windows open as well. This way, trainees will not only be able to see the whiteboard and learning materials as well.

Don’t Try to Do it All on Your Own, if at all.

Your job is to promote job readiness and satisfaction. There is no need to feel weighed down by the many options of room design. Hire one of our professionals to make this easy on you. Hiring help will allow you to focus on the great lessons that you’re going to teach.

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