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What are essential office accessories and furniture for 2014?

Office furniture essentials of 2014

2014 is a year where companies large and small are searching for ways to enhance work productivity. One of the best ways you can improve work productivity at your company is to provide your employees essential office accessories.

What are essential office accessories and furniture items for modern offices?
It all depends on the work tasks that need to be performed in your office environment. Some work environments need more stationery items while other office environments need storage units to better organize office supplies.

Below is a list of common office accessories and furniture items needed for better work productivity:
Office Accessories
1. You cannot go wrong with purchasing a stock of office stationery items for writing and filing. Some popular office stationery items are staplers, notepads and pens.
2. Computer equipment. This can range from desktop computers to laptops or other mobile devices. In today’s modern office environment, good Internet connection and speedy telecommunications technology is a must.
3. Scanners. This type of office equipment is essential for converting tangible files to digital files.

Essential Office Furniture
Your office should always be furnished with professional furniture that’s comfortable yet easy to maintain. The office furniture should be designed with work productivity in mind. Some of the best office furniture items are ergonomic furniture items.

Here are our essential office furniture recommendations:
1. Ergonomic chairs to offer employees and clients comfortable seating that promotes good health such as maintaining good posture and eliminating chronic back pains. Ergonomic office chairs provide great back support and mobile flexibility for workers, while never sacrificing the style and fashion of your office.
2. Ergonomic desks. These office desks are designed to keep office workers well organized by helping them keep the things they primarily need for work close at hand. The best ergonomic desks have plenty of storage and plenty of desk space.
3. Office file cabinets because you can use them to style up your office while keeping the office well organized.

Bottom line: Your essential office accessories and furniture items should enhance the work productivity of your employees, while keeping them continuously motivated about their jobs and achieving company goals.

You can purchase all your office accessories and furniture right here at American Design Associates.

Here is a list of accessory vendors/ manufacturers we carry:
• Clarus Glassboards
• Connectrac
• Editions Limited
• Egan Visual
• Ergonomic Solutions
• Great American Art
• HumanScale
• Light Coporation
• Magnuson Group
• Peter Pepper
• PI Creative Art
• SysteMatix

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