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Benefits of Office Furniture Restoration

office furniture restoration

Office furniture restoration breathes new life into old pieces.

Is your desk chair starting to squeak? Are the chairs and tables in your reception area looking kind of shabby or even falling apart? You may be tempted to toss everything in the dumpster and start fresh. Before you start tossing, consider restoring your office furniture back to its glory days with American Design Associates. Here’s why:

Save the Budget

Office furniture restoration is a lot less expensive than buying all new furniture. Plain and simple, it’s that easy. The restoration process will breathe new life into old furniture and make good on the investment that you made when you first bought the furniture however long ago.

Save the Furniture

Whether it’s a matter of fine craftsmanship or historic or sentimental value, old furniture can hold a lot of meaning. Want to hold on to the hearty and durable build of an old desk? Restore it. Love the style of an old, worn down chair? Restore it. On the other side of the coin — if you want to change up the style or purpose of a piece of furniture but you appreciate the craftsmanship or the history behind it? This can also be accomplished through restoration.

Save the World

It has been scientifically proven that office furniture restoration has an extremely positive impact on the environment. The process of making a single new piece of furniture unleashes 1000x more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than does the process of restoring one. Office furniture restoration is a great way to reduce your business’ carbon footprint. Save the furniture, save the world.

At American Design Associates, we are always happy to consult with you about your office furniture needs. If you would like to have your office furniture restored, or would like to meet with us to see if restoration is possible, always feel free to give us a call with any questions.

Office Furniture Restoration with American Design Associates

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Call American Design Associates today at (410) 823-5500, contact us on our website or pay us a visit today. We want to help you stay organized in the office.

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