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5 Office Design Mistakes Everyone Makes!

Relocating your office to a brand new building? Or maybe you’re just giving your office space a much-needed makeover? Although it can be fun designing a new, fully-customized corporate space, there are several office design mistakes that are common for business owners to make. When designing a new office space, you want to keep the needs of your employees in mind – after all, they’re the ones that will be using it every day! Read on to ensure that you don’t fall victim to one of these five common office design mistakes.

Office Design Mistakes

Although it can be fun designing a new, fully-customized corporate space, there are several common office design mistakes that business owners make.

Common Office Design Mistakes

1. Inaccurate measurements

If you’re just getting started in the office design process, chances are you’re excited and ready to jump right in! However, it’s important to ensure that you’ve properly measured your new space in order to make sure you’ve purchased new furniture and décor that will fit properly. This includes making sure that it will fit through your door!

2. Wrong color scheme

When it comes to design, color matters. Blue is actually the best color for productivity, but neutrals with a pop of color can also be effective. Try to find a balance between intense bright colors and dull, boring colors for a productive work environment without hurting your employees’ eyes.

3. Unrealistic budget

Be sure to set a realistic budget for your office design project before you get started. Between furniture, carpeting, décor, and any other renovation needs, an office renovation can really break the bank if you’re not careful. Set aside a budget for each aspect of your new office design and remember that an unexpected cost is bound to crop up at some point – so set a little extra cash aside for that as well.

4. Bad lighting

You may be surprised to learn that lighting actually has a huge impact on the mood, productivity, and level of focus of your employees. Natrual lighting is best – so workspaces near windows are best. In any case, a well-lit work area is essential to avoid eye strain.

5. Biting off more than you can chew

Although you might have your heart set on your dream office that you saw on TV, don’t try to take on a huge renovation project unless you have the proper tools and manpower. You never want to take any shortcuts when it comes to your office design!

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