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The C-Files: The Truth is Out There About Filing Cabinets

filing cabinets

Read on to learn more on the truth about filing cabinets.

Let’s face facts, as important as they are, filing cabinets are not a whole lot of fun. As spring settles in, consider filing cabinets another target for spring cleaning. Last week, we focused on desk drawers. In this blog, we will instead switch our focus to filing cabinets. Read on to learn more on the truth about filing cabinets.  


Organize Your Filing Cabinets

If you’ve got a giant pile of papers on your desk, it’s extremely easy to lose things. Not only will this negatively influence what visitors and potential clients will think about you, it’s just sloppy, too. If you’ve got decent filing cabinets, why not put them to good use? Having lots of papers floating everywhere can get overwhelming. Instead, put them in their place (literally) with some of these tips:

Color Code Them: Have one color picked for vendors, another for customers, and another for your own personnel (whether employees, coworkers, or colleagues.) With a single glance, you can tell who is who and what goes where.

Keep Related Documents Together: Narrow down related documents to where they belong. Put specific project papers together in the same folder. Also, try to avoid overfilling your folders for each client. Things can quickly get out of hand that way.

Don’t Save Everything, Because You Can’t: Keep what you need, and scrap what you don’t. Don’t feel like you need to save everything, because you really can’t. There is only so much space to go around at any one time. Eliminate unnecessary clutter, because it will help you find what you actually need that much quicker.

Keep In-Progress Work Apart from Completed Work: This should go without saying, but you’d be surprised. Have a drawer in your cabinet designated as the “in-progress” drawer and have another one designated as the “completed” one. At the beginning of every week, evaluate your progress; files that have gone dormant should be moved into another cabinet of their own.

Be Flexible About Your Filing Cabinets

How you carry out filing, and whatever associated systems you have in place, will depend by business. Your industry, not to mention your individual office, will all have different methods. The important part is to have some sort of system to fall back on it. The more organized you are, the more efficient and productive you can be. And the best part is? You won’t be so stressed out anymore.

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