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How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Lobby


Your furniture is the cherry on top of your lobby design.

Whether or not you realize it, your medical facility or business’s lobby serves a wide range of purposes—a first impression for your clients, a workspace for your receptionist and employees, a resting area for those waiting to enter meetings, a space for patients to relax, and a representation of your organization. Choosing the right furniture for your lobby is paramount, and here are some easy tips to get the job done.

How is the Space Used?

It sounds obvious, but the way that your space is used completely affects what furniture you should use. Is your lobby used as a waiting area before people enter the back area of your medical facility? Is your lobby organized so that clients can tell where to go? Design your lobby with the customer in mind so that they can tell where they should be headed, where to check in, and where to enter and exit. You never want to cause a bottle neck in traffic with your lobby furniture layout, so plan ahead.

Reception Desk 101

When choosing the perfect reception desk for your lobby, take into account the following:

  • Is it placed somewhere that is easily visible from the entrance?
  • Does it have storage and organization so that it isn’t cluttered with papers, post-it notes, and packages?
  • Is the reception desk made of a material and finish that flatters the space?
  • How many people regularly work at the desk and stand on the other side of the desk?
  • What shape of desk can accommodate your workers and your customers?
  • What are the measurements of the space?

Seating 101

When picking the perfect lobby seating, consider all of the following:

  • How many waiting room chairs would you need on your busiest day in the office?
  • What measurements can accommodate sufficient seating and tables for them to set magazines or purses on?
  • Is there space for people to move around comfortably, without asking someone else to stand up or move?
  • Are the chairs comfortable? Can they accommodate a wide range of bodies?

L-Shaped Desks from Glover Furniture Group

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