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How to Choose the Right Guest Seating for Your Office

How to Choose the Right Guest Seating for Your Office

The waiting area of an office speaks volumes about how much business owners care about their clients.

We have all sat in those waiting rooms with the awful, uncomfortable seating. Too small, too hard, or too anything, you don’t want guests to dread coming to your office. The waiting area of an office speaks volumes about how much business owners care about their clients. Also, your reception and waiting areas are your clients’ first impression of you. Make it a good one with some nice, comfortable guest seating from American Design Associates.

Keep it Comfortable

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of your guest seating is comfort. Your guests want to be comfortable. It’s a small thing, but a comfortable guest is a happy one. Comfortable seating will not only help make guests’ first impressions more positive, it will make them feel welcome in your office.

The most comfortable seating is ergonomically designed and made with quality materials. When you’re choosing your guest seating, you should think about the amount of traffic it will be seeing. If your office typically gets a lot of visitors, you will want seating that is made with high-quality foam cushioning and sturdy framing.


Another important aspect of your office’s guest seating is how it looks. If a guest comes into an office and there are random pieces of furniture in your lobby, they will probably think that you are a mess too. This is why you should choose pieces that accurately fit the theme of your business. If you cater to more modern clientele, choose more sleek, modern pieces. If your customers are more senior citizens, make them feel welcomed by a homier atmosphere.


Humans come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, and with lots of different needs. Try to find seating that will accommodate as many different types of people as possible. Generically-sized chairs are usually a pretty safe bet. You can also get seating that is easily adjustable so that your guests can set it to where they are most comfortable.


Along with the aesthetic and comfort needs, you should choose seating that will stand the test of time. While seating that is both comfortable and durable may cost a little bit more up front, you will end up saving money when you don’t need to replace it every couple of years.

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