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Classroom Furniture Layout Tips for Educators 

As any experienced teacher knows, your classroom layout and classroom furniture are almost as important as your lesson plan! There are a lot of ways your students can get distracted, and the wrong classroom layout can really make it difficult to keep the attention of your students. With a little planning, however, you can have your classroom furniture perfectly placed so your students can focus on what’s important!


The right classroom furniture layout has many benefits.

Classroom Layout Goals

Before you set up your classroom furniture or if you think it’s time to rearrange it, you need to make sure that you have a clear goal of what you hope to accomplish through the classroom layout. Your main goals should be to minimize distractions, make efficient use of the space you have available and to provide orderly movement and access for yourself as well as your students throughout the classroom.

Classroom Furniture Placement

Your student’s desks should not be stacked on top of each other. If you are administering a test, you want to be able to easily walk up and down the isles. Your space may be limited, but some educators find that it’s best to leave a little walking space between each desk. That way, the students aren’t distracted by being directly next to each other and you can easily walk around the room to keep an eye on things.

See the Whole Classroom

You should be able to maintain visibility of all of your students at any given moment. Make sure that file cabinets, computer stations and your own desk is not blocking your field of vision. Incase of an emergency or something like a fire drill, you want to know that you can visually account for all the students in your classroom. It’s true that your often stuck with the space you have without much flexibility, but a little planning will help you make an ideal classroom layout. Whether you need furniture or help deciding on what would work best for your classroom, Glover Furniture is ready to help you build the ideal classroom layout.

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