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Ergonomics: Health Benefits in the Office

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Ergonomic office chairs are vitally important.

Ergonomics are vitally important. When you work in an office environment, chances are you will spend the vast majority of your eight hour workday sitting down in some sort of chair. Why not enjoy your seat? Ergonomics can be applied to furniture such as tables and chairs and even keyboard and mice for your hands and wrists. Here are some helpful and handy tips for maximizing the ergonomic potential of your office furniture!

An Ergonomic Desk Chair

First things first, a soft chair is important. But you should also be able to adjust the height of your chair so that your feet and hips can be aligned properly flat towards the ground to reduce stress on your back. If there is a gap between your back and the back of the chair, you should consider a pillow or cushion to rest to it on. Proper posture is an essential element of ergonomics.

Seat Support and Mobility

How well does your chair move? Wheels and a swivel seat are vital parts of adding to ergonomic value. Make sure you can move around easily so you don’t add undue strain on yourself. Support and mobility are more important than aesthetics, although in most cases you don’t get much choice in the furniture you use at work. It’s provided for you and you do what you can to make your surroundings a bit more comfortable. Comfort equals happiness and happiness equals productivity, and that’s the goal all of us hope to achieve.

Monitor Placement and Desk Type

Keep your computer monitor at around eye level and don’t lean in too close while looking at the screen. On top of everything else, you don’t want to damage your eyes as well. There are screen settings to zoom in and magnify the screen. The size and style of the desk accommodating your computer is another important factor to think about. There are several different shapes and builds of desks. It is important to choose the right one for your workspace.

The types of desks include:

  • L-Shaped desk
  • Straight desk
  • U-Shaped desk
  • Center room desk
  • Corner desk

The L-Shaped desk provides a lot of space and storage at the cost of floor space. The straight desk is durable and compact. While the U-Shaped desk provides a massive amount of work room it also takes up the most space. The center room desk can sit in the middle of the room and offers a pleasant combination of space and ease of movement. Corner desks can fit around tight corners and are best-suited for smaller offices.

Office Ergonomics from Glover Furniture Group

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