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Furnishing Your Office for Hot and Cold Natured Employees


Arranging your office around air vents can help improve air flow for everyone.

With Fall finally in full gear, a common problem among many offices is employees that feel too hot, while others feel too cold. This can easily lead to arguments and resentment between employees, especially if no one has the ultimate say over the temperature. Here’s what you can do to make your office layout as comfortable as possible for everyone.

Intelligent Furniture Positioning

Determine where the air vents are located in your office, and what direction they are pushing air around the room. Consider how this affects air blowing into employee cubicles, faces, legs, and work areas. If there are places where airflow is stale, consider rearranging desks and cubicles so that air is more evenly distributed across the room.

Use Panels to Redirect Air Flow

Acoustic furniture has more advantages to it than simply reducing noise level and providing extra privacy. Wall, ceiling and stand-alone panels can be used to buffer against air conditioning or heating vents. If it’s not possible to completely rearrange your office layout, modular paneling may be the perfect alternative in order to provide a higher level of warmth or cool air where its needed.

Comfortable Accessories

One way to make employees more comfortable is to offer accessories to keep them more cozy. Make sure that reception areas feature warm furnishings and include pillows/blankets where necessary. Although cold air keeps employees alert and awake for higher levels of productivity, it can also be distracting and some employees may require more than just a sweater. Even a few small pillows can add a whole other layer of coziness to your office space.

You Can’t Make Everyone Happy

Recognize that there’s no making everyone happy, and sooner or later you will have to make a compromise. Find the best solution that works for the most people in your office without sacrificing too much productivity or resources. If you’re really concerned about this problem, hiring an HVAC team to come tune up your system may be in order.

Office Furniture from Glover Furniture

Looking to create a better office? Glover Furniture can help. Glover Furniture and Design Group is a woman-owned and operated business that serves the Delmarva region with educational, institutional, and commercial furniture and design services. For information on how we can optimize your office design, give us a call at 1-800-966-9016 or contact us online. To see examples of our work and stay in touch, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.


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