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Goldilocks and the Three Office Chairs

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Goldilocks knows the importance of ergonomic office chairs. Do you?

Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Goldilocks. She just started a new office job, and it was her first time working behind a desk all day. As soon as she arrived for her first day of work, her boss greeted her with a question. “Goldilocks,” he said, “we weren’t sure what type of office chair you wanted, so we put three options for you in the conference room. Let us know which one you like best.” And off Goldilocks went to the conference room to try out the three office chairs.

The Office Chair That Was Too Hard

Upon entering the conference room, Goldilocks laid eyes on a beautiful wooden office chair, with ornate carvings and all. “This must be the chair for me!” she thought, and she sat down. After not even one second in that chair, Goldilocks jumped up from her seat. “This seat is far too hard!” she exclaimed. “If I spend all day in this chair, I’ll surely be uncomfortable. I’ll be shifting in my seat all day and become distracted, I’ll grow tired much too quickly, and my bottom will hurt!” Clearly displeased with the first option, although attractive, Goldilocks decided to move onto the next office chair.

The Office Chair That Was Too Soft

Goldilocks walked up to the next chair, a huge leather recliner, and gave it a firm poke to make sure it wasn’t too hard, like the last one. The plush leather chair squished like the softest of clouds. “Oh!” Goldilocks giggled gleefully, “This chair is so soft! I can surely sit in this office chair all day!” And so she sat. Before she could count the first sheep, Goldilocks was fast asleep. Luckily, someone dropped something just outside the conference room and startled her awake. Goldilocks stretched as she woke up. “Goodness, if I sit in that chair all day, I’ll also become tired too quickly! It’s far too comfortable and relaxing to be able to focus fully on my work. On top of that, it can’t be good for my posture, and it’ll certainly make it more difficult to reach for things further away from me on my desk,” Goldilocks thought. “Even if I was working from home, I definitely shouldn’t use a recliner like this!” So she got up and moved to the next chair.

The Office Chair That Was Just Right!

The last office chair didn’t look terribly exciting at all. It looked…well, it just looked like a plain old black office chair. But it was far from plain and old. Goldilocks sat down, and knew immediately that this was the chair for her. “WOW! This chair is amazing!” she exclaimed, “It supports my back so well! It keeps my knees at a proper 90° angle! The armrests are perfect to keep my shoulders supported! And this feels like just the right height to view my computer screen and reach everything on my desk. It even spins around so I can work in a full 360°! This is the best chair ever!

With that, Goldilocks’ boss walked into the conference room to find her spinning in the third office chair with pure jubilation. “Ah,” he said, “I see you’ve chosen the most ergonomic office chair in all the land! What a fine choice. We knew you were a smart one when we hired you. We got that snazzy number from our friends over at American Design Associates. What fine office furniture consultants they are.” With that, Goldilocks worked comfortably ever after.



American Design Associates has the Office Chairs of Fairy Tales

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