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How can I reduce my back pain at the office?

Ergonomic chairs and ergonomic seating

If you frequently experience back pains at work, it’s time to reinvent your work environment.

There are numerous ways back pains can result from sitting in uncomfortable work chairs. The common reasons back pain results from sitting at office chairs for too long are based on the design of our bodies. When our bodies are in a static posture, we put a great deal of stress on our backs, necks, legs, arms, and shoulders.

As a result of the stress, we can put too much pressure on our back muscles and spinal discs. This is how chronic back problems can begin.

Add poor sitting posture to a poor quality chair and you can find yourself having spinal structural problems and experiencing regular back pains.

The ideal office chair will help you comfortably work ,while reducing the stress sitting puts on your spine. The best office chairs for back comfort are ergonomic chairs because the design of ergonomic chairs prevent users from slouching and slumping in their ergonomic seats.

In a well-designed ergonomic office chair, you will always have adjustable chair settings to work with so you can position yourself comfortably at eye level while relaxing your arms on comfortable armrests.

If you want an ergonomic chair that keeps you pretty active, purchase a kneeling chair. If you want a more traditional office chair with excellent back support, go for a recliner. No matter your ergonomic chair design, you want to prevent yourself from staying in a static posture for too long.

American Design Associates can help you select ergonomic seating that truly takes pressure offer your back muscles, joints, neck, and shoulders.

Don’t forget to shop for an ergonomic desk to complement your comfortable and stylish ergonomic chair.

When you’re a comfortable worker, you’re more productive and inspired to do collaborative work.

Take a look at our seating and ergonomic office chairs to see how you can relieve your back pain today.

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