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Innovative Office Desks: The Introduction of Treadmill Desks

The benefits of stand up desks

Do you want to help your employees improve their job performance while maintaining good health? You may want to consider furnishing the office with treadmill desks. Yes, treadmill desks. This line of office desks comes with a variety of health benefits that can make your employees worker faster and easier. It may take your employees a little time to get use to walking, while working but after the adjustment it is smooth sailing. On average it takes a workers 4 to 6 months to get comfortable working on a treadmill desk, but after getting acquainted with the office desk, quality and quantity of work improved.

Treadmill office desks are especially useful for employees that needed to problem solve for their everyday work tasks. Researchers believe problem solving skilled improved because employees received more oxygen while walking on the treadmill. The more oxygen your brain receives the better your ability to think improves.

Treadmill office desks are healthier for workers than traditional office desks because treadmill desks inspire workers to branch away from sedentary lifestyles. Workers that use treadmill office desks can improve the accuracy of their motor skills that help them type and mouse click faster.

Treadmill office desks are considered great ergonomic furniture items because the design helps employees improve the ergonomics of their walking as they work. For the best office treadmill desks, make sure the monitor and keyboard height are at an appropriate level for each of your employees. It’s a must have item for any employee that has to do a great deal of brain-work throughout the workweek.

If you are not that interested in treadmill office desks, you can always look into other great stand-up desks to reap the health benefits of ergonomics and physical comfort. You will notice your workers are more alert, energetic and focused when utilizing stand up desks. All stand up desks are adjustable in height. Not to mention stand up desks can help you burn calories while losing weight.

For example, a person that weighs 180 pounds can burn nearly 970 calories within a week of using a stand up desk. If you are worried about getting tired from standing all day, you can always purchase sit-to-stand desks for the office to help you vary your position throughout the workday.

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