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Maximizing Productivity with an Adjustable Height Desk

adjustable height desk

Regular desks are really bad for employees who want to stand and work – an adjustable height desk is the best way to go!

We have seen how modern office furniture has been designed to improve employee productivity and encourage collaboration. This new furniture is also designed with employees’ health and well-being in mind. Giving employees their own adjustable height desk can help in all of these fronts. An adjustable height desk can be configured for sitting and for standing. It can be difficult, though, to determine how to optimize this new furniture and use it to maximize productivity. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your adjustable height desk.

Come Up with a Schedule for Standing

Many employees new to the very concept of an adjustable height desk often embrace this novelty for a few days, then fall back to their old sitting position. To combat this and to make sure your investment fully pays off, encourage your employees to schedule regular standing time every day. Have them stand for 20 minutes, then sit for about an hour, then another 20 minutes of standing, and so on. Eventually, they should be able to build up to standing for longer sessions, which will contribute to the overall ergonomics of your office space. Not only that, but it promotes blood flow circulation which in turn stimulates the brain and enhances creativity.

Go as Wireless as Possible

Frequent raising and lowering of an adjustable height desk can be a problem with all of the wires that computers can involve. Cut as many of these wires as possible to create a clean aesthetic and further encourage the usage of the adjustable height desk. Wireless mice and keyboards, battery or solar powered touch lamps, VoIP… these are all good ways to clean up a desk from the burden of too many wires.

Soften Noise with Smart Acoustic Paneling

Cubicles designed for sitting desks are fine for their purpose, but moving to adjustable height desks can cause some problems if your paneling isn’t also modified. Make sure each workspace has the proper walls to meet the new heights your employees will be working from. Light acoustic wall panels can help ensure that they can take calls, conference into meetings, and complete tasks without bothering the rest of the office.

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