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Tips for Choosing an Office Chair

Learn how to pick the perfect office chair.

You want your office chair to fill some basic requirements; it should be comfortable, stylish, and pair well with the overall theme and design of your office and the rest of your office furniture. Still, that leaves a lot of options for you to choose from and making that choice can get confusing without some guidance. Check out this comprehensive guide for choosing the right office chair for you.

Support and Adjustability

Depending on the industry that you work in, you’ll likely be spending the majority of your day sitting in your office chair. Therefore, it’s important to pick an option that delivers the perfect amount of support and adjustability for your unique body type. Lumbar support will keep your lower back in an optimal position to help reduce aches and fatigue. The adjustability will ensure that you’re able to achieve the right height and angle, not only for your back but for your legs and arms as well. Most adjustable office chairs give you the ability to control these aspects with a bulb pump.

The Right Base

Make your choice of what kind of wheel and swivel base will work best for your office. The majority of office chairs have wheels, but you should keep the type of flooring you have in your office in mind. There are some wheel bases that are specifically designed for carpet, allowing for easier mobility. The ability to roll also helps reduce strain when you’re reaching for files and other necessities. With the right amount of swivel, you’ll be able to freely navigate across the floor in your office for better productivity and comfort.  

Feel the Fabric

The fabric that covers your office chair should be relatively soft to enhance your comfort, but also breathable so that you don’t sweat. Keep in mind that your office chair isn’t something that you can fold up and throw in the washing machine. Therefore, consider fabrics that are wipeable and easy to clean.

Give It A Try

As much as consumers enjoy making purchases online, it will be beneficial to be able to sit in your potential office chair to make sure that it completely fulfills all your wishes. Even if you do ultimately make your purchase online, try out that model or a similar one in the store to get the full effect.  

Questions? Glover is Here to Help

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