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What to Watch out for When Buying Used Office Furniture

used office furniture

Make sure used furniture is in good condition and safe for office use.

Many businesses look for used office furniture as a way of saving money and being environmentally conscious. Unfortunately, a lot of old office furniture ends up in landfills, and buying used is sometimes a great way to avoid that. However, buying used office furniture can come with its own share of headaches. If you’re considering buying used office furniture here are a few precautions you should take to ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible.

Top Priority: Safety

When buying used office furniture safety should be your number one concern. Each year thousands of office employees are hurt in office chair related injuries. An office chair that tips over or has improper support is a huge risk and a liability for your business. Do a thorough inspection of any office furniture you buy and be willing to pass up the “best” deals if they present a safety risk for your employees.

Pay Attention to Quality

Value is a function of price and quality. Consider this: in many offices we spend the majority of our time sitting in a chair. Isn’t it worth investing in a chair that will provide more than the bare minimum level of comfort? The quality of the fabric, the accessibility and ergonomic features all matter. If you focus on just price you may end up unsatisfied with your purchase in short order.

Look for a Warranty

Buying used office furniture doesn’t have to be a crapshoot. Find a dealer that will provide a warranty against defects. Even if the warranty doesn’t provide all of the coverage of new furniture, some protection is still better than nothing. If you are missing parts or pieces, will your dealer provide the support you need to complete your office system? Good support and saving money are not mutually exclusive.

Check Prices

Many businesses immediately look to buy used office furniture when the need arises, but it’s important to cross check prices before you make a purchase. Sometimes the price of used office furniture will be close to if not the same as new office furniture, and you will need to determine whether the savings outweigh the benefits of buying new. It’s better to be an educated buyer than to simply make assumptions.

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