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Why Office Standing Desks Are Trending in 2019

Why Office Standing Desks Are Trending in 2019

Standing desks have become increasingly popular due to their health and productivity benefits.

In a standard office environment, employees will spend most of their day at a desk. There are some health and productivity issues related to using uncomfortable desk setups and less-than-ideal office furniture all day, leading to some office design and furniture trends aimed at making the workplace a healthier, more productive environment for employees. Uncomfortable office chairs and desk setups can cause many neck and back issues, as well as cardiovascular problems and chronic aches and pains. Plus, sitting in an office chair all day doesn’t exactly encourage activity, making it difficult to stay energized throughout the day and promoting lousy health habits. Standing desks have become increasingly popular due to their health and productivity benefits. Here are just a handful of the reasons standing desks are the latest office trend.

Improving Posture

Standing desks can go a long way to preventing back and neck problems associated with uncomfortable office furniture. By standing throughout the day, you can adjust your weight to relieve your back from the pressures of a normal office chair. By keeping your computer screen, or any other focal point of your work station, slightly above resting eye level, you can avoid hunching your back or slouching throughout the day. Standing desks can improve your posture and even your back health over the long term.

Decrease Health Risks

There are several health risks, in addition to back and neck problems, associated with traditional office furniture. Uncomfortable office chairs can keep your body restricted to a position that constricts the blood flow to your legs. This can cause cardiovascular problems and pains in your legs and feet. By keeping more active throughout the day in a standing position, you can stretch your legs and keep your joints free of any restrictive seating.

Improve Productivity

In addition to direct health benefits, ergonomic office furniture such as standing desks can boost office productivity. When employees are comfortable at their workstations, they can do their jobs better. A comfortable employee can focus on their work, rather than dealing with stubborn aches and pains associated with traditional office furniture. Plus, keeping active by standing and promoting movement throughout the day with standing desks can carry over into employees’ work. Activity can keep you energized throughout the day, which can help employees do their best work and stay motivated.

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